...About the "Fair" Tax 

(better known as the Corrupt Tax)



The “progressive tax” shifts the burden of taxes onto the highest earners in the state. This approach is shortsighted and will not fix our state’s financial problems. It will soon lead to higher taxes for all of us. Even if the top 3% of Illinois earners are taxed at 100% of their earnings, it may not cover our state’s multi-billion dollar deficits and operating costs. Because if implemented, this tax will cause top earners to employ fewer people, shift their assets out of state, or leave Illinois altogether. When that happens, it is the remaining 97% of IL residents who will be expected to pick up the tab for the deficits imposed on us by uncaring Democrats.

If you can stomach the lies click HERE, to see what JB has paid an astounding $51.5 million dollars to make us believe in his digital ad.

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Emily Hayes


Emily grew up in Northbrook and attended Glenbrook North High School. She is a talented young professional, who is passionate about civic responsibility and currently resides in the city of Chicago.