MARCH 10, 2020






Glenview, IL --- Resident of Skokie, Yesoe Yoon, today received the endorsement of Northfield Township Republican Organization.

“Yoon is the embodiment of the American Dream,” committeeman T.J. Brown said. “Her commitment to her community is exemplary. She represents her heritage every day while standing for common sense solutions to benefit her neighbor. Her story is something that most Americans in our diverse township can relate to. ”

Yoon remarked, Illinois has one of the highest tax rates in the nation. Say "NO" to fair Tax. The state is drowning in debt and the high taxes are out of control. People and businesses are moving out. It is unsustainable. I will work towards eliminating the root causes of out of control spending. I want Illinois to be a desirable state to work, live and do business in. I support fair maps which means opposing gerrymandering in the Illinois State Assembly. I will work towards a fair and equitable redistricting that will represent our citizens and not either political party.”

Yesoe Yoon was born in Busan, South Korea and came to the United States 15 years ago. She is currently the anchor and host for the Global Leaders Network tv program from WIN TV 24.5. She has been serving the Village of Skokie as a human relations commissioner for three years. She has held many leadership positions. Yesoe has been a journalist and television personality in media and a sought after classical soloist for business, government, and organizations. Yesoe was the first bilingual reporter for the Asian American Network News (AAN) when the Korean American Broadcasting Company (WOCH, CH-41) launched the network in 2005. Yesoe received her B.A. in Communication & Media, Minor in music (classical voice) from Northeastern Illinois University. She finished her master’s degree in Public Administration (Government & International Management) at DePaul University. 

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