MARCH 18, 2020






Glenview, IL --- Judge Pat O’Brien, born and raised in Chicago and alum of St. Ignatius High School, received the endorsement of Northfield Township Republican Organization today.


“Judge Pat O’Brien is standing up to help fix Chicago against Kim Foxx’s attempts to subvert real law and order from being enacted when no one else would. Northfield GOP recognizes O’Brien’s respect for the law and his attempt to restore justice and integrity in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. We must step back from the partisan rhetoric and ask ourselves, as Cook County residents, if we want to actually protect our families and communities. O’Brien is the man for the job,” committeeman T.J. Brown said.


Judge O’Brien stated, “I will bring professionalism and integrity to the state’s attorney’s office, ensuring that all Assistant State’s Attorneys understand they are to enforce the law without regard to an individual’s social standing, economic status, or political clout. I will instill order, bringing in effective prosecutors who will lead the fight for justice in Cook County long after I’ve left office. And I will always act consistently with the State’s Attorney Oath of Office without apology. Unlike many previous state’s attorneys, especially Kim Foxx, I’m not looking for this position as a stepping-stone for higher office. To be honest, I’m so apolitical I didn’t even want to run for office. But the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office gave me my start as an attorney, taught me how to be a lawyer and to respect the legal system. Many of my close professional friends also came through the state’s attorney’s office, and we’ve watched Kim Foxx destroy the integrity of the office we hold in such high regard. I knew that if there was anything I could do to right this wrong, it was my responsibility to do so. That’s why I’ve stepped up to fire Kim Foxx and bring integrity to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.”


Upon receiving his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, Judge O’Brien returned home to attend DePaul University College of Law. O’Brien became a licensed attorney in the State of Illinois in 1975 and has practiced continually since, working in both the public and private sector. Judge O’Brien has twice worked in the Cook County State’s Attorney Office, handling high-profile cases representing the State of Illinois. As a result of his dedication to serving justice, O’Brien received appointments to high-level leadership positions in the Felony Review Unit as Felony Trial Supervisor, Bureau Chief of the Criminal Division, and finally, Chief Deputy — accountable for over 700 Assistant State’s Attorneys handling criminal cases in Cook County.


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