It is vital for taxpayers of Cook County to put the First District Board of Review seat back in the Republican column. His accomplishments in the face of adversity:

  • Democrats currently have absolute autonomy in controlling the Cook County property tax system.
  • The Democrat Clerk calculates the tax rates.
  • The Democrat Treasurer collects property tax payments and then distributes the revenue to various local taxing districts (schools, villages, park districts etc.). 
  • The Democrat Assessor determines the assessment (value) of all 1.8 million parcels of property. 
  • And the three Democrat Board of Review commissioners decide which assessment appeals warrant a reduction. 

This single party control is a recipe for abuse.

Dan Patlak is the taxpayer's "Canary in the Coal Mine" so the Chicago Democrat Machine will not be able to use the property tax system as a tool to reward their allies and punish their opponents.

His record of success in following through with his campaign promises include:

  1. Complete Digital Transformation of the Board of Review
  2. Seamless Transition to Work at Home Due to the Covid Virus
  3. Full-Time Commissioner
  4. Reduced Waiting Times
  5. Telephonic Hearings
  6. Suburban Assessor Training and Cooperation
  7. Increased Educational Outreach
  8. Increased Educational Resources
  9. Increased Analyst Education
  10. Improved Transparency
  11. Streamlined Collaboration with the State Property Tax Appeal Board
  12. Future improvements at the BoR
    1. Digital Appeals Processing System
    2. Transparency
    3. Efficiency

In summary: As assessor, he has worked for homeowners, creating seminars to educate people about their right to appeal assessments. His office simplified the appeals process, creating an on-line appeal system so taxpayers could appeal from home or office. His staff has taken classes offered by the IL Property Assessment Institute and the IL Dept of Revenue and there are now more Certified IL Assessing Officers than any staff in the history of the Board of Review. He is the first ever FULL-TIME commissioner at the Board of Review and the ONLY Republican, providing a necessary check and balance. Dan says, "I want to continue to work for YOU”.

Patlak has created a website dedicated to the hard working and over-taxed property owners of Cook County as a place for ordinary people to go where they could receive information about how to file an appeal at the Board of Review, and to get answers to commonly asked questions about the overall property tax system in our county. It is linked HERE.

In his own words, “I have made presentations to over five hundred groups throughout my district ranging as small as ten people to as large as five-hundred. Whether I’ve been in Hoffman Estates or Chicago Heights, Schaumburg or Orland Park, Glenview or La Grange, Evergreen Park, Park Ridge, Schiller Park, Cicero, Beverly or Edison Park, the same questions are asked over and over. So, this web site is designed to answer those questions and take you to places on the internet that will answer even more.  As taxpayers who I and my staff answer to, you deserve no less.”

He is asking for our help. We must vote November 3rd. 

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From the time when this blog was published, Dan Patlak was endorsed for Board of Review by all three papers: the Daily Herald, the Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun-Times. To read these glowing endorsements: