According to research by the University of Illinois-Chicago, Illinois is the second most corrupt state in the nation. From 1970 to 2010, about 1,500 people in Illinois, including 30 Chicago aldermen, were convicted for corruption, according to the political scientist (and former alderman) Dick Simpson. Corruption stretched much farther than just Chicago.  Illinois politicians have been accused of numerous offenses, including bribery, conspiracy, tax evasion and scheming campaign funds. State and local officials have been cast under suspicion in the following months, including allies of the implacable Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. 


Illinois corruption and high tax rates have created an “exodus”, or mass migration from Illinois citizens to other states throughout the US. In order to create change, we encourage you to educate yourself on current issues in the state of Illinois and cast your vote this November. Illinois corruption is a major issue, and constituents need to be aware and proactive in trying to combat corruption. Political actors and our representatives need to be held accountable in order to create reform in the state. Illinois Policy has created a list of anti-corruption reform measures, read about them here


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